The Tale of Custard The Dragon SEBA Important Question Answer

Here we discuss the question answers to the Class 10 English Lesson “The Tale of Custard The Dragon SEBA”. English questions and answers of Seba Board Class 10 are available here. This Animals Chapter HSLC english question answers of the previous year will give students a clear insight into the exam paper pattern and can focus only on important questions.

The Tale of Custard The Dragon SEBA

Q. Who are the characters in this poem ? List them with their pet names.
Ans. The characters with their pet names mentioned in the poem are given below:

CharacterPet names
A black KittenInk
A grey MouseBlink
A yellow DogMustard
A DragonCustard

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Q. Why did Custard cry for a nice cage? Why is the dragon called a’ cowardly dragon’? (H.S.L.C.-15)
Ans. The Custard cried for a nice cage to hide, himself from danger.
The dragon was called ‘cowardly dragon’ because he was not brave like the other character in the poem.

Custard cried for a nice safe cage because he felt insufficient and in secured in Belinda’s house.
Each pet of Belinda tells about their brave deeds. But Custard is the one who always cry for a nice cage. Therefore, Belinda in a tedious way calls Custard as cowardly dragon.

Q. “Belinda tickled him. She tickled him unmerciful….why?
Ans. The Dragon was a coward. Belinda tickled the dragon because she enjoyed much by tickling the Custard. She also wanted to encourage him to become brave.
Among the pets of Belinda, Custard always cried for a nice safe cage instead of showing his bravery. This irritated Belinda very much and at last tickled him unmercifully.

Q. Describe the appearance of the dragon?
Ans. The dragon had big sharp teeth. He also had spikes on top and scales underneath. His mouth was like a fire place and nose like a chimney. He had daggers on his toes. Thus how the dragon look like.

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The Tale of Custard The Dragon SEBA

Q. Where did Belinda live?
Ans. Belinda lived in a little white house.

Q. What was the name of the black kitten?
Ans. The name of the black kitten was Ink.

Q. What was the grey mouse called?
Ans. The grey mouse was called Blink.

Q. What was the name of the dragon?
Ans. The name of the dragon was Custard.

Q. Who was Mustard?
Ans. Mustard was the name of the yellow pet dog of Belinda.

Q. How brave was Mustard?
Ans. Mustard was as brave as a tiger in rage.

Q. Why did Belinda cry for help?
Ans. Belinda cried for help when she saw the pirate with a pistol in his hand.

Q. What did the Ink and the Blink do when the pirate appeared?
Ans. The Ink and the Blink hide themselves from the pirate.

Q. Who lived with Belinda?/With whom Belinda live?
Ans. A little black kitten, a yellow dog, a little grey mouse and a dragon live with Belinda.

Q. How did the dragon look like?
Ans. Belinda had an ugly dragon. The dragon had big sharp teeth. His mouth was like a fireplace. His nose was like a chimney while his toes were as sharp as daggers.

Q. How did the pirate look like?
Ans. The pirate entered the house of Belinda with a pistol in his hand. His beard was black and one of his legs was made of wood. He looked very dangerous.

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The Tale of Custard The Dragon SEBA

Q. How did the dragon kill the pirate/How did the dragon prove that he was not a coward?
Ans. Everybody thought that the dragon was coward. When the pirate entered Belinda’s house, all the animals tried to hide themselves except the dragon. The dragon had a long fight with the pirate. He snorted and attacked the pirate with his tail which was as strong as an iron rod. He gobbled the pirate and in this way he killed the pirate. By killing the pirate he proved that he was not a coward.

Q. How did Belinda and the pets behave when the pirate was killed by the dragon?
Ans. Belinda and the pets felt joy when Custard, the dragon killed the pirate. Belinda embraced him. Mustard licked him with the pets. Ink and Blink gyrated in happiness around the brave dragon.

Q. What is a ballad?
Ans. A ballad is a poem or song which tells us a story of courage, heroism or humour. The poem ‘The Tale of Custard the dragon’is
a humorous ballad.

Q: How was Custard dragon received after he had killed Pirate? (H.S.L.C.-18)
Ans:- Custard dragon was received with love and appreciation after he had killed the Pirate. Belinda embraced him while Mustard licked him. On the other hand, Ink and Blink started to dance happily. However, none of them mourned for the Pirate who had been eaten up by the Dragon.

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